Flame Stop® IM

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We also offer an interior intumescent latex paint that can save up to 50% in labor alone, due to its single-coat application! It’s tested with a higher coverage rate, which saves time, labor, and money.

This technology also gives you the added benefits of stain and mold resistance. Trust us, you’ll definitely appreciate the easy spray, brush, mitt, or roll-on application. Intumescent paints have been manufactured for over 50 years; however, until now, NO paint has incorporated all of the added benefits that we do—especially the important single-coat application and high-coverage rate—without jeopardizing the life-saving low smoke and Class A flame spread.

Flame Stop® IM is 30-minute rated with a 2-coat application for pressure-impregnated wood and is primarily used in commercial interior surfaces. The advantages of using a Class A one-coat system is FLAME SPREAD 10; Class A, FLAME SPREAD 0 for 30 minute with two coats.

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