Flame Stop® III

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Flame Stop® III is one of the most unique fire retardants available on the market today! It’s primary use is in conjunction with latex-based paints, but a compatibility test is always recommended. It does not require a seal coat or pre-coat the way most other fire-retardant paint systems do and has an indefinite shelf life. Even better, since it is not pre-mixed, it allows for an unlimited selection of colors and an extensive choice of paint brands.

Normally, just one application of Flame Stop® III will provide a Class A fire rating. The recommended mixture is one 16-ounce container per gallon of paint. The process is simple, mix our product thoroughly with your paint selection and apply according to the instructions of the paint manufacturer. In most cases, the mixture may become thicker than desired and could require that you add approximately 1-2 pints of water. Therefore, it can also be considered a paint extender! Please note: If this product has been stored in a cool area (>60°F), it may be necessary to pour hot tap water over the container and shake it vigorously to facilitate the mixing of our product before adding it to your paint.

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