Flame Stop® V

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Flame Stop® V Putty™

With it’s dough-like consistency, Flame Stop® V Putty is simple to use. Just roll it between your fingers for use in readily-accessible penetrations.

Flame Stop® V Caulk™

Designed for larger areas, Flame Stop® V Caulk can be troweled with any application tool or can be dispensed with a mechanical or pneumatic application system. It contains no water, or other evaporative elastomers; therefore, it does not shrink, crack, or slump, and maintains superior adhesion qualities. It’s tested to ASTM E814, ASTM E119, IEEE 634, and UL 1479 (test data available upon request) and is more competitive per volume installed than all other rated products. It’s also Intumescent (expands when heated) to allow for closure of melting plastic pipes or plastic coated wires during a fire.

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Fire Protection Systems For:

  • Electrical cable trays
  • Structural steel columns
  • Commercial building
  • Piping and conduits (plastic and steel)
  • Industrial clean rooms
  • Critical equipment
  • Bus bars
  • Glass piping
  • Most forms of nuclear plant penetrations
  • And many others


  • Low installation cost
  • Easy to use
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • No shrinkage
  • No mixing or fixtures required
  • No carcinogens or asbestos
  • Immediate job inspection
  • Guaranteed one-year packaged life
  • No special tools required